One Day With Two Dogs

One day, exactly on July 19th 2006 I went home from my office on foot. The day was so cloudy so I decided to go home early. I didn’t pass the common way cause I had to go to an ATM to take money. So after I have taken the money then I went home through the Sanaman Mantikei square. Oh I had to go in a hurry or I would be hit by rain. The wind blew boisterous and many leaves fell down.

Soon I arrived in the alley so I must turn to right to get home. Ups…from the corner I saw two dogs hinder my way to get home. I didn’t know what the dogs were doing. But I thought they were going to get marry hihihi… 😀 Oh my God…I have to confess it that I am still afraid if I face the dog alone. I am afraid of the dog’s bite. So I just waited at the corner and hoped that the rain didn’t fall down. Then I thought. If I just stayed here then the rain would fall down soon. If I got another way to get home then I would turn around the way and soon the rain fell down too. Oh…so what should I do?? Hiks….hiks….anybody help me?? 😦

I just remembered of my friend’s habit. He told me, when he faced a dog, he would run away from the dog and asked someone (ke tukang ojek) to accompany him to get home by motor cycle…hihihi…what a suffer situation. And now it happened to me. Oh my God…I just prayed and hoped someone passed this way so I would follow him/her.

Alhamdulillah… 🙂 a few moment later, there were four students wearing junior high school uniform. Fortunately one of the students turn to right and she was going to pass the dogs. Oh I thought it was a direction from God for me how to pass the way. Then I saw her and saw what the dog’s reaction when someone passed the way. Oh…the fact was the dog just kept silent and didn’t care when someone passed them. Now it was my turn to pass the way.

Bismillah…..I went ahead and passed the way. When I passed them, I didn’t have brave enough to look at them and just prayed so that I can pass the way successfully. Oh thanks God…I got home succesfully and a few minute later the rain fell down. And once again….we must always thanks to God (bersyukur) every day…every time… 🙂


Nb: Wanna try to write in English, tp kayake kacau banget yah 😛


2 Responses to One Day With Two Dogs

  1. Dog is God creature, so be nice with them. don’t be affraid ….
    Nice story 😳
    keep writing !!

    “alhamdulillah skr udah g takut lg :D, udah terbiasa sih”

  2. laksono berkata:

    lintang nati aku links deh
    terus nulis ya

    “Ok, makasih mas tri”

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